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About the eBook

If your goal is to build a successful mobile app, then surpassing user expectations is non-negotiable. However, mobile teams frequently lack visibility into key ways their apps cause frustrating user experiences.

When you focus exclusively on crashes and errors, you're asking to be blindsided by churn that could have been prevented with the right data and insights.

In this eBook, we'll dive into 10 key performance metrics you need to track, how they can get you to the root cause of user-impacting issues, and why understanding app performance from the user's perspective is essential for delivering the best mobile experiences.

The eBook also covers:

  • Why slow and frozen experiences are just as costly as crashes 
  • How device, OS, and connectivity can lead to poor app performance
  • How frustration signals like user termination can highlight broken areas of your app
  • Why user segmentation is crucial for isolating the root cause of issues

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10 app performance metrics that are essential to track

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