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Remove friction and frustration from your mobile apps

We all know the frustration when a mobile app runs slow, freezes, or even crashes. What we frequently don’t know is which app performance issues matter the most to our users and business.

Check out this 30-minute presentation to learn: 

  • Key results from the 2024 Mobile Developer Pain Points Report, a large survey on mobile developers biggest frustrations and priorities

  • Why solving crashes, ANRs, and app performance issues is so difficult in mobile

  • How to connect app metrics to user and business outcomes

  • How companies like adidas, GOAT, Curve, and Wildlife Studios proactively improve mobile app performance, crash rates, and ANR rates 

The most powerful platform for building the future of mobile experiences.

Better App Experiences 

We surveyed more than a thousand mobile developers to bring you insights on:

  • The day-to-day priorities of a diverse cross-section of builders, including developers/engineers, managers, CTOs, and VPs.

  • Mobile developers biggest frustrations and top priorities.

  • Perspectives on getting the right tools and how this aligns with managerial priorities

Get your copy of the report here.

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Head of Content 

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