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Go beyond basic mobile tooling and start surfacing every source of poor user experience 

Every mobile team reaches a point where Firebase Crashlytics is no longer enough. You want to build and deliver the most compelling mobile experiences, but limited visibility leaves your team struggling to efficiently identify, prioritize, and solve the biggest user-impacting issues.

Watch this 30 minute webinar and learn about the benefits of moving from Firebase Crashlytics to a complete mobile user experience platform, including:

  • Gaining complete context for every user experience so you can resolve every issue, not just crashes.   

  • Surfacing every cause of poor app performance, including your code, failing APIs, third-party SDKs, frustrating user flows, and more. 

  • Proactively addressing issues by being the first to know, in real-time, of any regressions, outages, and user abandons.

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The most powerful platform for building the future of mobile experiences.

Webinar: Why your mobile app needs more than Firebase Crashlytics

Embrace is a data-driven toolset to help mobile engineers build better experiences. Using automated data collection and a unified digital platform, Embrace reduces the toil of mining for insight across disparate tools. Engineers can identify, prioritize, and resolve problems in their apps, while also surfacing opportunities to perfect app performance and delight their end users.

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