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Love 'em or hate 'em, ads are an integral part of the mobile gaming landscape.

Unfortunately, the SDKs that power them can cause more harm than good if you don't have the right data to properly monitor them and their impact on your game.

Worse yet, ad vendors are unlikely to help you resolve issues unless you can clearly prove their SDKs are at fault.

In this eBook, we take a look at the most common ways ad SDKs negatively impact mobile games and the player experience, explain why it's so difficult to detect the issues they cause, and show you how better data can help you identify these issues and hold ad vendors accountable.

This eBook will cover:

  • Overloaded ad SDKs
  • Reward exchange attribution breakdowns
  • Bloated startup times
  • Failed ad requests
  • Broken ad mediation SDKs
  • Downstream impacts to app store rankings, player acquisition, and lifetime value (LTV)

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5 ways ad SDKs hurt player experience

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