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About the eBook

Almost half of all online sales today happen on a mobile device. But winning customers on mobile requires a flawless experience.

In this comprehensive eBook, we cover 13 performance gaps commonly found on iOS shopping apps, explain the technical causes, and provide best practices for bridging the gap, including actions you can take right now.

Download the eBook to learn how to fix issues that directly impact your shopping experience, including:

  • Memory leaks.
  • Slow startup and load times.
  • UI freezes and lag.
  • Issues caused by low-power mode, third-party integrations, and compatibility issues.
  • Broken user flows, discounts or sales, and payment provider APIs.

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Optimizing performance on iOS shopping apps

Embrace lets you see all the details that impact your end users' mobile experiences with high-fidelity tooling and automated data collection.  We give you the insight and support you need to build better, more personal experiences for your users.

About Embrace

Identify mobile performance gaps and learn how to take action today

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