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Grab your copy of our latest report, with results from a survey of 1,000+ global mobile builders, including developers/engineers, managers, VPs, and CTOs. 

Discover their priorities and pain points, how these factors affect app building, and how you can leverage the key take-aways to improve your mobile app.

Highlights include:

  • The day-to-day priorities of a diverse cross-section of builders, including engineers, engineering managers, CTOs, and VPs.
  • Mobile engineers' biggest frustrations.
  • Engineers’ perspectives on getting the right tools and how this aligns with managerial priorities

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The 2024 Mobile Developer Pain Points Report

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Key insights

1. Improving app performance is the top priority

The top priority of mobile engineers is the improvement of app performance. This ranks ahead of releasing code with few/no errors, deploying new releases on time, and even working on new and innovative features.

This heavy-hitting priority speaks to how important mobile performance is to an app and how vital it is to have the right tooling to accomplish this.

2. Spending too long fixing bugs is the No. 1 frustration of engineers

When it takes too long to fix bugs, mobile engineers get extremely frustrated. In fact, more than half of IC engineers, and over 40% of engineering managers and lead/principal engineers, say that it’s in their top three frustrations.

With nearly every respondent reporting the use of a performance monitoring tool, these results suggest there’s a major gap between what mobile app builders need to fix bugs, and the capabilities the platforms they leverage provide.

3. There’s a gap in prioritizing tooling for IC engineers

Individual contributors want tools that make their work more efficient. In fact, ICs are the most likely of all engineering groups to say they’re frustrated by not having the right tools to do their jobs.

However, a disconnect persists between IC’s and leadership’s priorities. While IC’s suffer through poor tooling, only 40% of engineering managers and senior titles prioritize providing better tools to make engineers’ work more efficient.

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