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More than 40 percent of mobile engineers today say they don't have access to the tools they need to make their work more efficient. Worse, nearly half report wasting time fixing bugs as a top frustration in their day-to-day work.

To build better mobile experiences and maintain high performance, mobile teams need tools that prioritize data, insights, and efficiency.

Embrace — a platform founded and built by mobile engineers — makes teams more efficient by combining 100% unsampled user session data with unique tools that make identifying and resolving issues easy.

Our User Timeline, unique to Embrace, is the perfect example of how the right tools can help mobile teams save time while resolving important user-impacting issues. Take our self-guided tour to see for yourself how quickly you can identify and troubleshoot a user-impacting issue with Embrace and experience the difference, first hand. 

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Demo: Identifying a user-impacting issue with Embrace

Embrace is a data-driven toolset to help mobile engineers build better experiences. Using automated data collection and a unified digital platform, Embrace reduces the toil of mining for insight across disparate tools. Engineers can identify, prioritize, and resolve problems in their apps, while also surfacing opportunities to perfect app performance and delight their end users.

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